About Little Village

Little Village provides good quality baby clothes and equipment, donated by local families, to local families who need this kit. We promote sustainable living, and make it easy for local families to help one another in a respectful, non-judgemental, non-patronising way. We came together as a group of local parents, and we now run it as an entirely voluntary enterprise.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is especially true in London where we often feel alone as parents. We want to create small, warm communities of families supporting one another, within an intense, global city.

We offer a weekly drop-in service for families who need our support, a delivery service and we also provide a referrals-based service for our partners such as health visitors, Children’s Centres, midwives and the local foodbanks.

Families can either drop in with a voucher to visit our stockroom themselves, or our volunteers put together bags of kit on their behalf. We want our bags to feel like gifts, rather than hand-outs, so we include goodies for the mum, and we only pass on items that are good enough quality that we’d give them to a friend.

We’ve been inspired by other similar ‘baby banks’ around the UK and elsewhere. In particular:

  • The amazing work of Stripey Stork in Surrey
  • The inspiring story of St. Kilda's Mums