Team Camden

  • Titilayo, Site Manager

    After her psychology qualification and youth training, Titi has over 10 years of experience working with young people within the charity sector. From Barnados, Refugee Action, and over 10 years with Centrepoint working on outcomes to decrease youth homelessness across the UK. Titi is thrilled to be once more a part of supporting her local community.

  • Sharon, Referrals Manager

    Sharon moved from Germany 13 years ago, not intending to stay. But three boys later, she is still here, loving the way Camden brings such a rich mix of people together from around the world. She loves the way Little Village brings people together and enables her to be part of her local community.

  • Barb, Stock Room Manager

    As a Kiwi, having spent nearly 20 years working as a pharmacist in the NHS and now bringing up my daughter in London, Barb feels very lucky to have become involved in Little Village.  She things it’s amazing to see the local community supporting each other in so many ways and how the ‘circle of giving’ makes such a difference to people’s lives.

  • Kirsten, Advisory Group Chair

    After watching Little Village thrive in South London, Kirsten led the work to create our second site in Camden, and ran our service north of the river before moving into the advisory group role.  For Kirsten, Little Village shows the wonderful things people can accomplish when they come together to help their community.

  • Cath, Treasurer

    Cath loves the idea that through Little Village, useful and beloved children’s items can go on giving joy to others in the community that most need them and prevent waste in the process. She’s a mum to two messily artistic girls and found Little Village the perfect outlet to use her professional skills.

  • Varuna, Social Media Coordinator

    With a background in advertising, public relations and curating art and design, as well as being a mum of two, Varuna is passionate about the ethos of Little Village and the help we provide to the immediate community. She believes we need leave a better world for the future generations, by the small changes we make today.

  • Erin, Secretary and Outreach Team volunteer

    Erin is passionate about sewing and running yet the highlight of her week is seeing the smiling faces at each Little Village session from the families we support, donors dropping off items and the outstanding group volunteers. Little Village really does bring the community together!

  • Valeria, Fundraising Co-ordinator

    After giving up her professional career and spending three years as a full-time mum, Valeria decided to try and turn some of her skills to fundraising for Little Village. She adores Little Village because it’s loving and caring but very effective at the same time.

  • Rupali, Events Coordinator

    Rupali feels inspired by Little Village’s mission to pass on gifts from one family to another, giving out so much more than just things and bringing joy and dignity to both the giver and the receiver.

  • Louisa, Family Liaison and Outreach Volunteer

    Louisa is passionate about the local community and creating bonds within it. She loves the Little Village approach to engaging, supporting and uniting families across London.

  • Giusi, Family Liasion

    Guisi got involved with Little Village because it enables her to help people in need of support in the most practical way. One of the things that keeps her coming back is the direct contact we make with the families we work with. This contact helps create a community where we look after each other in a broader way.

  • Isa, Family Liasion

    Isa works part time but she helps out when she can at the pop up donation mornings.  She finds it inspiring to see how generous people are with their donations and gifts.

  • Louise, Fundraising Volunteer

    Louise is excited to play a part in helping Little Village expand its caring and empowering work.  As a parent, a former non-profit director and a writer, Louise enjoys taking a break from her fictional worlds to raise awareness of the very real impact Little Village is having in our community, enabling us to help each other, and our planet.

  • Allan, Fundraising Volunteer

    Allan is a father of three and grandfather of one. He wants to help build stronger communities where people look out for each other. Allan believes that Little Village manages to do a lot with very little because so many people give their time and energy – it is a fantastic model of community vitality.

Network Staff

  • Sophia Parker, Chief Executive

    Sophia set up Little Village and continues to guide its growth based on our vision and mission. You can read more about her story here. She’s worked in and around the issues of poverty and inequality for 20 years, and has a track record in designing innovative, community based solutions to social challenges.

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