Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can I refer to Little Village?

    In short – any family who you think would benefit from a bag of great quality clothes, toys and/or equipment for their babies and children up to the age of 5. We don’t have complicated assessment criteria, and the families we help don’t need to be in crisis.

  • I have a family I'd like to send your way - what do I do?

    You can refer a family online here . This form will take you through our referral process and ask you to fill in what the family need. You may find it easier to fill it in with the family present so that you can discuss their needs. The family can either come themselves to collect the items or you can come on their behalf.

  • How are items received?

    If the family are collecting their items, they can come on a Monday or Wednesday 9.30am – 12pm during term time. We will collect together all equipment for the family, and they can select clothes themselves from our supply. If you complete a referral for a family and want to collect on their behalf, we can prepare the items for you before you visit. If you let us know in advance you can collect items Monday to Thursday 9.30am-12pm.

  • Do you always have everything?

    We have a good supply of clothes, toys and books. Other equipment such as cots, highchairs and buggies are in high demand. If the family wants something like this, we strongly advise you do an online referral before sending the family our way and we can let you know whether we have the items in stock.

  • What if you don't have the items in stock?

    Where necessary we operate a waiting list for the most popular items such as buggies, high chairs and cots. We will let you or the family know when the item required arrives. Do tell us by email to if an item is urgent.

  • What if the family hasn't got any transport for their equipment?

    We are entirely volunteer-run, so ask that wherever possible you or the family come to us, or arrange family members or friends to help with transport. If bulky items are required such as cots, or if collection is impossible, we offer a limited delivery service.

  • How often can families come back?

    Families are welcome to visit us once every three months, but they will need a new referral each time they attend. This allows us to see as many families as possible across the area. There are two exceptions to this:

    1) If you were put on a waiting list for certain items and you are contacted to say they are ready for you to collect; 

    2) Families with a child under 3 months old. We recognise that it is hard to know what you might need for a newborn, and that things change quickly, so families are welcome to come back to ensure they have the right equipment as they get to know their baby.

  • Do you have other venues?

    We also have a site in Wandsworth which takes referrals here and another in Southwark which takes referrals here .

  • How else can families get involved with Little Village?

    We are volunteer run and encourage all of our families to volunteer with us if they would like to. We offer volunteer training, flexible time-slots many of which allow volunteers to bring their children with them, and a fun and friendly environment.

  • How else can my organisation work with Little Village?

    We are always open to exploring different ways to work with our referral partners to help us reach as many families as possible. For example, we have visited Children’s Centres to run ‘pop up’ events where we take lovely bundles of clothing; we have visited community groups with our referral forms and return the following week with the items families requested. Get in touch at to chat further.

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