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Little Village’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for families to support each other. Our vision is that no child in the capital grows up without essential items of clothing, toys and equipment. All out items are very high quality and they are gifted to us by local families. Everything we give away is free.

“100% of our referral partners say they would recommend using our service to their colleagues”

Little Village survey of referral partners, 2018
  • Who can you refer?

    We don’t have complicated assessment criteria. Our service is available for any families who are struggling to cope – they do not have to be in crisis for us to be able to help. We trust the judgement of you, the professionals referring to us.

  • Can I make a referral?

    We will accept referrals from any person working in a professional capacity with local families. That could include midwives, health visitors, children’s centres, family support workers, social workers, local charities, foodbanks, GPs and councillors.

  • How do I make a referral?

    First, you fill out our referral form. This simple online form asks you for some basic information about you, the family you’re referring, and the items they need. It also asks you to identify a date that either you or the family can attend Little Village to collect the items requested.

  • What happens then?

    We’ll acknowledge your referral, and let you know if we have any questions. the family will then visit our drop-in session, where they will be welcomed by our friendly volunteers and offered a cup of tea and the chance to choose the items they’d like. You can read more about what it’s like to visit us here or watch a video about coming to one of our drop in sessions here.

  • What about after the visit?

    Once the referral has been made, families are welcome to attend our drop-in sessions once every three months to collect clothes, toys, books, toys and any equipment they need. They will need a new referral if they want to return.

  • What if Little Village doesn’t have the things requested?

    All the items we give out are gifted by the local community, and we can only give out what we receive. We do our very best to accommodate all requests, but we are volunteer-led, donation based organisation so we cannot guarantee we will have everything in stock.

“Knowing that Little Village is there for us to refer families to meet their children’s basic needs is a huge relief for me as a professional working with vulnerable families.”

“I think having access to your services made a huge difference to our families and also to us.we know that we will make a referral and the families will get what they need as soon as possible, the team are super supportive and easy to work with.”

“Your service takes away some of the stress and worry of how a parent is going to find the money for essential items they need for their child. Sometimes it’s just simple, everyday equipment that many of us may just take for granted. But it really makes a difference, for example when a mum had a new baby she could not get her older child to nursery. We requested a buggy board and now the mum and her children are able to get out and about. You support the parent to be able to provide the best they can for their child / children. Children may have access to some toys or books they may never have of owned before – so all good for their wellbeing and learning and development.”

Family support worker

If you’ve got more questions about our referrals process, drop us a line.

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