Our Supporters

“Little Village is making a huge impact in families’ lives. I love referring my families to them as they are passionate about what they doing. They should be known as BIG VILLAGE as they are making that big impact in the Community. Thanks for your continuous support and continue with the great work”

Ola, Key Worker, Child Development Team, Mosaic

“Little Village are a fantastic charity to work with. The staff are friendly, they keep you informed, the referral is simple and easy but most of all my families really appreciate the support they provide and how quickly they provide it.”

Devina, Social Worker, Camden

“Little Village is an absolute pleasure to work with. The staff are lovely and are easy to refer to and quick to reply to questions or queries. They make the whole process easy and enjoyable for both professionals and most importantly the families we work with. They have provided numerous families in need with essential items for their babies and children.”

Gemma Bell, Lead Family Worker, Kilburn Grange

“Little Village is a wonderful supportive resource for local mothers and babies in Camden. The staff are kind, considerate and discreet. This is a much needed and welcome enterprise and I have no hesitation in referring pregnant women, knowing that the staff will make every effort to assist them to find what they need for their new babies.”

Debra Kroll, Clinical Lead Community Midwifery Service, UCLH NHS Foundation Trust

“As a Maternity Support Worker I come across a lot of women who are struggling financially and anxious about how they will manage with providing for their baby. They are overwhelmed with relief and amazement when I am able to tell them about the wonderful service offered by Little Village. You can literally see the stress fall away from them. It is a wonderful charity and literally brings happiness and relief to many pregnant women.”

Georgina, - Maternity Support Worker, UCLH

“We are blessed in Camden to have organisations like Little Village and we’re so grateful not only for your support but your compassion and empathy for families in dark and difficult moments. To know the family left hospital with something – and for them to know someone cared – meant a huge amount.”

Becca Dove, Head of Family Support and Complex Families

“We love Little Village!”

Jane McGrath, Access and Information Worker, Harmood Children’s Centre.

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