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List of supporters, logos and some supportive quotes

“Little Village is making a huge impact in families’ lives. I love referring my families to them as they are passionate about what they doing. They should be known as BIG VILLAGE as they are making that big impact in the Community. Thanks for your continuous support and continue with the great work”

Ola, Key Worker, Child Development Team, Mosaic

“From the simple referral form to the delivery of larger items, Little Village makes it quick and easy for families to receive essential items for their young children, whilst always treating families with care, dignity and respect. As a family worker it has enabled me to provide families with much needed resources to ease the financial strain of having young children, that they otherwise would not be able to afford. The difference this makes to the families and children is unmeasurable.”

Sarah Stephenson, Family Worker, Gospel Oak Health Centre

“Little Village Camden have made a marked difference to the quality of life for many of our families lives. It has meant that parents and carers with many other significant worries, are able to not worry about the costs of clothing, toys and equipment for their children…We have even just had our first Pop-Up event, in which some of their wonderful volunteers were able to meet and support our families directly- a huge success! It has been an intensely rewarding relationship, and we hope to maintain and develop it long into the future! Thank you!”

Jessie, Homestart Westminster Co-ordinator

“Little Village are a fantastic charity to work with. The staff are friendly, they keep you informed, the referral is simple and easy but most of all my families really appreciate the support they provide and how quickly they provide it.”

Devina, Social Worker, Camden

“It is a privilege to be able to work jointly with such an amazing charity. They have brought so much joy to many of our vulnerable families and their hard work and dedication to each of them is astounding.”

Laura, Family Worker Camden

“We send lot of referrals to Little Village because they offer practical and immediate support to our families and also for the good quality of their donations. The clients who have visited Little Village have all praised the charity and the generosity of their staff.”

Ouassila Moraboti | Senior Outreach Worker, Family Lives

“Little Village is an absolute pleasure to work with. The staff are lovely and are easy to refer to and quick to reply to questions or queries. They make the whole process easy and enjoyable for both professionals and most importantly the families we work with. They have provided numerous families in need with essential items for their babies and children.”

Gemma Bell, Lead Family Worker, Kilburn Grange

“Little Village is an incredibly valuable resource for families living in poverty. Many of the families who attend our centre have no access to mainstream welfare benefits or homelessness support. They are often destitute and struggling to provide for their children. Little Village is able to offer vital practical support to such families in times of need. Parents we’ve referred have said really lovely things about Little Village and have been effusive in their appreciation.”

Eve - Children's Coordinator at Akwaaba, a social centre for refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants.

“Little Village is a wonderful supportive resource for local mothers and babies in Camden. The staff are kind, considerate and discreet. This is a much needed and welcome enterprise and I have no hesitation in referring pregnant women, knowing that the staff will make every effort to assist them to find what they need for their new babies.”

Debra Kroll, Clinical Lead Community Midwifery Service, UCLH NHS Foundation Trust

“Your volunteers do an amazing job. It’s wonderful to hear from my parent and hear the joy in her voice. Please pass on gratitude to all, including the donors.”

Jacquelin, Employability Worker, Camden Council

“We often work with mothers who are struggling to afford basic items for their children. Little Village has always responded quickly to our referrals and provided comprehensive assistance to those in need. What they do is essential and we are hugely grateful for their dedicated support.”

Case Worker, Unity Project

“CARIS Camden Families works to support parents and children living in hostel accommodation in the borough, and Little Village has become one of our most valued referral partners. By providing our families with tailored parcels of clothes, toys, books and equipment for under 5s they are a lifeline during stressful times. Not only do their donations take some of the financial pressure off families in crisis but the high quality of the items takes the stigma away from the idea of accepting hand-me-downs. The moral support these care packages represent is just as meaningful as the items are useful. We love Little Village¹s ethos of parents-supporting-other-parents in such a practical, respectful way and look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Rebecca Walker, Project Manager, CARIS Camden Families

“As a Maternity Support Worker I come across a lot of women who are struggling financially and anxious about how they will manage with providing for their baby. They are overwhelmed with relief and amazement when I am able to tell them about the wonderful service offered by Little Village. You can literally see the stress fall away from them. It is a wonderful charity and literally brings happiness and relief to many pregnant women.”

Georgina, - Maternity Support Worker, UCLH

“Thank you so very much on behalf of X and myself- this is such an amazing service. We both noted that the speed and efficiency with which you have organised this has had a big impact too.”

Jacquelin, Employability Worker, Camden Council

“We are blessed in Camden to have organisations like Little Village and we’re so grateful not only for your support but your compassion and empathy for families in dark and difficult moments. To know the family left hospital with something – and for them to know someone cared – meant a huge amount.”

Becca Dove, Head of Family Support and Complex Families

“We love Little Village!”

Jane McGrath, Access and Information Worker, Harmood Children’s Centre.

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