We have a small team of part-time staff at our Camden site, so our incredible army of volunteers is our lifeblood. We simply wouldn’t exist without the time and commitment they give to our work.

Volunteering at Little Village is an empowering, social experience that gives you the opportunity to make a real and tangible difference to families living in your local community.

“At Little Village, I love being part of such a friendly community and making a real difference to peoples lives. I’ve met some incredible people, who are raising families in difficult circumstances and it’s lovely to be able to offer them some practical help. I love that the charity is so well organised and so the time that I spend there feels really worthwhile.”

Current volunteer

Volunteering needs to work with the ebb and flow of life, and Little Village offers all sorts of ways of volunteering, from very ad hoc and informal, to a bigger regular commitment. We know that every person who gives their time, however much or little, makes a difference to what we do. So what are you waiting for? Sign up here.

“Nearly 95% of our volunteers feel they are making a positive contribution to their community through volunteering with Little Village. “

Little Village volunteers survey 2019

I love helping other families at little village, so many of the women I have met are in the same position I was in 8 years ago. It makes me really happy to be able to help them, not just with what I do with little village but just having a chat with them and finding out about their lives.

It’s a wonderful place to volunteer. Everyone really cares about their role from sorting donations, keeping on top of the stock room to helping families in need directly through family liaison. There is nothing better than seeing someone come in who is anxious about their situation, leaving with a sense of relief after we’ve been able to help them. It’s a very special community.

We offer training in listening and mentoring skills, and safeguarding, to all our volunteers. There are regular social events and lots of opportunities for additional training. We also run reflection sessions and have therapeutic support on hand to help volunteers with anything they’ve found challenging.

What kinds of volunteering roles do we offer?

Our main volunteering roles are focused on our core service – collecting great quality donations and re-gifting them to local families who need them. To do this we need:

  • Stock gatherers and sorters

    You’ll participate in our donations events and sort our stock. Sometimes you’ll bundle up referrals; sometimes you’ll create little packs of toys. A keen eye for detail and a love of tidiness goes a long way.

  • Family liaison volunteers

    You’ll welcome families into our drop in sessions, and support the families as they work out which items they need. You’ll have a lot of warmth and love to give, and you’ll make people feel welcome, supported and included.

  • Drop-in session managers

    Our drop in sessions can be very busy. We have volunteers who organise refreshments, run the welcome desk, and ensure the smooth running of the sessions.

  • Outreach programme volunteers

    Little Village runs regular pop up events across the boroughs in which we operate, in partnership with local hospitals, charities and Children’s Centres. You’ll be the face of Little Village, as well as working behind the scenes to prepare our stock.

  • Delivery volunteers

    We do our best to deliver bulky items such as cots to families who have no means of transport, as well as collecting donations from people who can’t get to us. You’ll need your own large car/van, or be willing to drive a van.

  • Operations volunteers

    With so few paid staff, a lot of our operations are run by local teams of volunteers. For example, we have groups working on social media, fundraising, evaluation and impact, and community engagement and participation.

If you’d like to join the Little Village volunteer community, fill in this form and we’ll get back to you very soon!

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