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Donate stuff in Battersea

All the items we give out are gifts, from one family to another. We couldn’t do what we do without your amazing donations of great quality items for babies and children. Thank you for your kindness in donating them.

Please note that we can’t accept items that aren’t on the wishlist below.

Little Village Battersea

3 Tun Yard, Peardon Street, SW8 3HT

Open for donations by appointment

Items we can accept at this site

Last updated 21.4.21
Baby and adult toiletries (e.g. baby bath & moisturiser, adult shower gel, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste for adults and toddlers)
Moses baskets, stands, sheets and blankets (we can't accept the mattresses, sorry)
No clothing except Newborn & 3-5yrs only
Cots, cotbeds, toddler beds with all screws and instructions
Sterilisers (plug in, microwave and cold water)
Breastfeeding pillows (no pregnancy or support pillows please)
Pants, socks, vests and tights 0-5
Cot and cotbed sheets
Changing mats
Nappies and wipes (unopened)
Breast pumps (closed system only)
Baby baths and bath support (no toddler bath seats)
Playmats and babygyms
Bouncy chairs
New 0+month teats for bottles
0-6month Sleeping bags
Children's plates, bowls and cutlery
High chairs
Bed guards
Buggies in good working order (from birth, doubles, strollers)

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