Black lives matter

One of our values at Little Village is solidarity – the solidarity of early parenthood that cuts across economic and social divides, and the solidarity that comes from a shared belief that every parent should have the right to give their child the best possible start in life.

This solidarity is also reflected in the actions of the many children who’ve chosen to support our work in order to help other children. We’ve had kids donating their pocket money. Children who’ve organised fundraisers to buy nappies and others who’ve written notes to the new owners of beloved toys gifted to Little Village. These acts of kindness underline that it’s never too early to start talking to our children about social justice.

Little Village is grounded in hope. Our work is the result of communities coming together to support one another with love and kindness. But we also feel despair at the scale and extent of suffering brought about by poverty. And we see how intertwined that poverty is with issues of race. We support disproportionate numbers of BAME families, and this reflects the wider picture in London, where over half of Black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi children are growing up poor. It’s not right and we will continue ask the questions about how and why this is acceptable in this multicultural city we live in. We are firmly committed to giving a voice to those who may otherwise not be able speak out and to provide supportive, warm communities for every family who needs our support.

The resources we’re sharing here are designed to help anyone who is wanting to raise their kids to be part of the solution rather than the problem when it comes to racial justice.

Talking and learning about race

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