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November 5, 2020

Neil's volunteering story

Neil, one of our volunteers in Wandsworth, tells us how he came to hear about Little Village:

“I first heard about Little Village in 2018 via a friend on Facebook and I’ve been volunteering ever since.  No one session is the same.  One day I can be putting up shelves, the next I can be checking cot parts to check a baby has a safe place to sleep.  I’ve also acted as a stand in Father Christmas!

“It’s a fantastic organisation that’s incredibly efficient and extremely friendly.  It’s brilliant to see the direct positive effect it has on the lives of so many families based on a simple idea, that as a parent you want the best for your child.

“Parents put themselves in the shoes of other parents who may be struggling to help out with good quality kit and donations.  It must be so hard for parents who have to worry about finding a pram or keeping their baby warm and that’s where Little Village really helps.

“The levels of child poverty in this country are a national disgrace but Little Village is doing everything it can to tackle this directly.”

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