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1 August 2020

Philippa's volunteering story

One of our amazing volunteers, Philippa, tells us why she chooses to volunteer for Little Village:

“I first heard about Little Village in my last year of teaching. Having spent a long time in education, I felt the importance of giving children the best possible start at the very beginning of their journey through life.

“It’s such a simple thing to do, to give from one family to another family. From muslins to baby grows, to books and toys – these things are so important and if you have nothing and nobody then Little Village is here to help.

“Some families we support really do have nothing. They may have arrived in this country as refugees, they may have found themselves in situations of domestic violence, they may be new mums or young mums.

“Coronavirus is really having an impact, and some of the families we support may have been suddenly furloughed, or the job may no longer exist and they find themselves with very little or nothing.

“Now is the time to support Little Village because many families who used to be able to support themselves and who want to support themselves may have been placed in a situation which pushes some of them over the edge. Helping Little Village is a way for your family to help another in your community.”

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