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10 June 2020

Volunteer Alice raises over £15k in sponsored head shave

Volunteer Alice Ratcliffe has raised a staggering £15,125 by letting her family shave her hair off – this incredible amount will be used to support families struggling to provide the essentials for their children during the pandemic. Alice, who has two children, Frankie, 15 and Angus, 12, began volunteering for us in January. She was between jobs, having previously worked as Group Director Corporate Affairs at Thomas Cook. Alice said she’d always wanted to volunteer and finally had some time to do so. Alice said this week:

“I started with a target of £2,000, then upped it 48 hours later to £15,000 on the basis of the incredible response I got in those first two days. I figured I should be ambitious but I never thought I’d get there. I think it goes to show how much people’s worlds have narrowed over lockdown and the acute awareness that many have of their relative privilege versus so many families in their community. Many people thanked me for introducing them to Little Village and giving them the opportunity to contribute at this time. I’ve been blown away by the generosity of my friends, family and colleagues.

I’ve continued to volunteer (for LV) during lockdown and really look forward to it as a space outside of my limited life in N4, where I get to talk to real-life humans that I’m not related to! It’s good to do something positive and practical.”

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