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June 7, 2018

Volunteers: You're all amazing

Did you know we have just 7 part-time staff who co-ordinate things across our three branches in London? The rest of our work is supported by our volunteers in each of the communities in which we’re based. These incredible people have donated 2604 hours to Little Village since January. That’s 2604 hours of carefully sorting your donations, collecting items from people who need a favour, packaging things up into beautiful bundles, driving referrals to families who can’t attend our drop-in sessions, supporting families who come to see us, making tea, running pop-up events…

And behind the scenes, we have some truly wonderful volunteers working hard to help keep the show on the road, raising funds, looking after some of our key partnerships, keeping our budget on track, supporting our communications work.

We are a small charity, growing fast. Over two years, we’ve responded to over 2000 requests for help, giving out over £900,000 worth of beautiful clothes, toys and equipment to the families who need them most. As it is volunteer week we want to take the opportunity to say a very, very big thank you to all the wonderful people who have made this possibly by volunteering with us here at Little Village. We collect feedback from every family who visits us, and nearly all of them comment on the warmth, friendliness and general brilliance of our incredible volunteers.

We’ve always seen Little Village as more of a movement than an organisation – a movement of parents committed to supporting other parents when they need it most in our local communities. So this week, we want to raise our hats to all of you who have contributed anything, however big or small, to our work. Thank you.

(PSSST – and if you want to sign up to be part of our community, it couldn’t be easier – follow the link.If you’re still wondering, listen to Sarah who says: “At Little Village, I love being part of such a friendly community and making a real difference to peoples lives. I’ve met some incredible people, who are raising families in difficult circumstances and it’s lovely to be able to offer them some practical help. I love that the charity is so well organised and so the time that I spend there feels really worthwhile.”)

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