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We are sad to announce that the Hackney Family Centre (HFC) Baby Bank, located at High Hill Community Hall on Harington Hill is closing its doors, due largely to the challenging external climate for Boiler House Spaces.

The HFC is a  partnership of Boiler House Spaces, the baby bank Little Village, Sal’s Shoes, the Guinness Partnership, Fusion21 Foundation and many local volunteers and supporters. The Centre has played a crucial role in supporting hundreds of local families since its launch in 2022, providing essential toys and equipment to babies and young children.  Many of the pre-loved items passed on to children had been donated by other local families.

Despite the Centre’s closure, Little Village will continue to support families in Hackney via the direct deliveries of items from its other London hubs, as well as continuing to provide valuable support through its Signposting & Guidance service.

Sal’s Shoes will continue to provide shoes to Little Village and other community organisations such as The Good Place Pantry to pass on to families.

All the partners are extremely grateful for  the unwavering support of families, volunteers and the local community over the past two years.

The Guinness Partnership are exploring alternative community uses of the Harrington Hill space and will make an announcement about its future in due course.

Boiler House Spaces continues a range of other support alongside the Hackney community including the Good Place Pantry at Boiler House George Downing Estate and Castle View Nursery. If you would like more information about the work of Boiler House Spaces please email: