Donate directly to us

We couldn’t do what we do without your amazing donations of great quality clothing and kit.

Please check the dates and location of your local site below, and have a look at their social media (facebook) pages to see their latest list of items needed. Our sites are small so sadly we can’t always accept all of your items.

How to donate

Please help us by following this guide to donating during social distancing to help us get donations out to families as quickly as possible: 

  • We can only accept items on the list below. We have limited space to store items.
  • Please sort your donations before you bring them to us – we have very few volunteers on site due to social distancing and need them to be packing for families.
    • Please bag by age and gender and label the bags
    • Please don’t send us anything that needs washing or repairing; we don’t have the capacity to do that.
  • Do not donate (or ask someone to collect your items) if you are showing symptoms of Coronavirus or if you are self-isolating. We will still need your donations in future so please hold on to them for the time being. 
  • Please follow the principles of social distancing when you are donating:
    • Please leave your donations in the entrance area; our volunteers will come and collect it to take it into the main building.
    • If someone else is donating when you arrive, please keep at least 2m distance. 
  • If you are donating a cot, cotbed or toddler bed, please:
    • Take all the bolts, screws and dowels out and secure them to the bed in a small bag
    • Include the instruction manual (we can’t give out a bed without the instructions). If you no longer have your manual you might find it on this page from our friends at Stripey Stork or on the manufacturers web page – please print off the right manual and include it with your cot.     

What to donate

  • Moses baskets and sheets (we can’t accept the mattresses, sorry);
  • Cots, cotbeds, toddler beds (with all bolts and instructions);
  • Cot and cotbed sheets;
  • Muslins, towels, and blankets;
  • Changing mats;
  • Breastfeeding pillows;
  • Nappies and wipes;
  • Sterilisers and breast pumps;
  • Double Buggies and buggies suitable from birth (clean and in good working order);
  • Buggy boards;
  • Breast pumps (closed system only);
  • Baths and bath supports;
  • Playmats and babygyms;
  • Sterilisers (plug in, microwave and cold water);
  • Baby and adult toiletries (eg baby bath & moisturiser, adult shower gel, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste for adults and toddlers.)
  • Clothing – please check on your local site’s facebook page for what sizes they are able to accept this month.

Find Your Nearest Donation Point

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