Donate directly to us

Until we are able to open our centres again, we have a brilliant network of local volunteers who are taking in donations for us.

You can use the map below to search for the location nearest to you and bring them along at the times specified. 

We’re not able to have our usual teams of volunteers in our sites sorting donations, so please help us by following this guide to donating during lockdown to help us get donations out to families as quickly as possible: 

  • We can only accept items on the list below. Our volunteers have limited space in their homes so please respect this!
  • Do not donate (or ask someone to collect your items) if you are showing symptoms of Coronavirus or if you are self-isolating. We will still need your donations after lockdown is over so please hold on to them for the time being. 
  • Please follow the principles of social distancing when you are donating:
    • Try and combine your donation trip with your daily exercise; don’t make unnecessary journeys.
    • If someone else is donating at the same location when you arrive, please keep at least 2m distance. 
  • Please sort and organise your donations by age and gender before you donate (bag different ages separately and mark the bags);
  • If you are donating a cot, cotbed or toddler bed, please:
    • Take all the bolts, screws and dowels out and secure them to the cot in a small bag
    • Include the instruction manual (we can’t give out a bed without the instructions). If you no longer have your manual you might find it on this page from our friends at Stripey Stork – please print off the right manual and include it with your cot.     
  • Some of our volunteers don’t want their addresses sharing on this site so please get in touch with them via facebook or email to get their full address and times when you can donate. Please respect this, and don’t share their address with others. 

At the moment we need:

  • Clothes for 6 months to 12 months ONLY (sorted by gender and size);
  • Underwear and socks for 3 to 5 years old;
  • Moses baskets and sheets (we can’t accept the mattresses, sorry);
  • Cots, cotbeds, toddler beds (with all bolts and instructions);
  • Sheets, swaddles, and blankets
  • Sterilisers, breastfeeding pillow, muslins
  • Changing mats
  • Bouncy chairs & playmats
  • Baby baths and bath supports
  • Buggies (clean and in good working order)

Please find your closest donation point through our map:

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