Family support resources

During this difficult time, we understand that there are so many ways in which your life will have changed. We created this page to bring together a list of resources available to you.

General advice

Government advice on coronavirus

Resources and services translated into different languages.

Information for non-UK nationals on COVID-19 and its impact.

Citizens Advice provide general advice on work, benefits, housing and access to food and essentials.

Sourcing baby equipment (or other items for the home)

If Little Village is unable to support you at this time, there are other routes you can explore to find baby equipment.

If you live outside of the areas we support, there may be another baby bank nearer you that can help. You can search for baby banks near you on this map.

You might also be able to find baby clothes and equipment through local social media sites, particularly Facebook. Try searching “freebay” and your local area on Facebook, or search your area and “parents” — you are likely to find local groups where people swap or sell items they no longer need.

Young Planet is an app advertising clothes and kit for kids (including older kids) going free based on your postcode.

Freecycle is an app and website where people give away their items locally for free. You can search by area or by item for the things you need.

Many new groups were set up to provide help during the COVID-19 lockdown, called Mutual Aid groups. You can post on these groups asking for support or specific items you need. Find your local Mutual Aid group here.

Help with food

If you cannot afford to buy food, you can get help from a food bank near you. You can find your nearest food bank on the Trussell Trust website.

They can’t help if you’re self-isolating and just can’t go out to buy food, but can provide help if you cannot afford to feed your family.

There may also be local food banks near you operating out of churches or mosques. Search “food bank” and your local area on Google and you may find more options.

Financial support

Turn2Us provide benefits guidance and the latest information on coronavirus support.

Family Fund provide financial support if your child has a disability.

Housing support and advice

Shelter are a national charity and able to provide helpline support on all housing issues including emergency support.



Staying safe

We are aware that family relationships can get strained during this stressful time. If you or your children are feeling unsafe, it is acceptable to leave your home. These organisations can offer help and advice on how to keep you and your children safe.


Women’s Trust


Staying healthy

It’s really important that we keep physically and mentally healthy during this time, even though we’re staying in.

The NHS has some great resources online for healthy bodies for you and your children.

And keeping our minds healthy is just as important. You can find some helpful advice online at Mind.