Be a #SofaForaging social media superstar and help support Little Village!

Are you up for the #SofaForaging social media challenge?


Did you know that the average amount of money found behind a UK sofa is £5.77? This lost change could help provide a Little Village family with a jumbo pack of nappies!


“Times are tough for so many families at the moment, but some more than others. The professionals we work with have told us they believe children living in poverty will go without basics like nappies at this time.

Our sofa foraging campaign gives other families the chance to make a difference in these children’s lives, quickly and easily, and who knows what other treasures they may find down the back of the sofa at the same time!” Sophia Parker, chief executive and founder of Little Village


We’re challenging families like yours across the country to a five-minute #SofaForaging challenge. Pull away the cushions, tip-up coin jars, look in old coat pockets and get foraging around your home. If just one in 10 families in London donated its found #SofaForaging change, £2.1m could be raised* for Little Village. Imagine what a difference we could make!



  1. Start with your team on the sofa, set a timer for five minutes!
  2. Get foraging! What’s down the back of the sofa? In the coin jar? Where else can you find hidden treasure?
  3. Donate your coins to the families @LittleVillageHQ who really need your help right now. Please donate at
  4. Post a #SofaForaging selfie, nominate and tag five friends to go foraging (don’t forget to tag @LittleVillageHQ too)!


We cannot wait to see your challenges on Instagram, so please remember to tag @littlevillagehq, we will share our favourites on our feed. Download our campaign images here to share them on your social media channels!


Are you wondering how this campaign came to be? Looking behind the scenes at any business or charity can be an eye-opening experience to see how everything comes together.


We realised quickly that we needed support to raise vital funds and awareness of Little Village during the Covid-19 crisis, with our services in more demand than ever. So, we approached the brilliant Glimpse collective, a creative group of international creatives, copywriters, project managers and energetic volunteers to see if they could help us raise the profile of our charity. To our surprise in less than a month, they have helped us develop three independent projects, including this campaign, our first-ever social media challenge.


We are proud that the #SofaForaging challenge demonstrates something which we have always believed in at Little Village. A group of former strangers can come together online, with positivity and energy to create something exciting to help others. We are proud of our ever-growing community, our #VirtualVillage.


*Approximately 3.74m families in London, 10% is 374,000 families, multiply with £5.77 = £2,157,980



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