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30 June 2023

Baby, Bank on Us! Little Village joins forces with Save the Children and Ark for Sun appeal

Little Village is working with Save the Children, Ark and baby banks across the country, to drive awareness and support for baby banks as part of The Sun’s Baby, Bank on Us! Appeal. This comes at a time when the cost-of-living crisis continues to impact many of the families supported by baby banks up and down the UK.

What is the appeal?

The Sun appeal, which will run for several months during 2023, is called Baby, Bank on Us, and aims to increase local support for baby banks: calling on the public to donate pre-loved children’s items to their nearest baby bank or sign up to volunteer.

It is hoped that the appeal will also raise money to support the work of baby banks. Cash donations are absolutely vital to baby banks. Donations can cover the delivery cost of bundles of essential kit to families, including those who can’t reach our baby banks. It means we can buy essentials that have to be new – like nappies, cot mattresses and bottle teats. It enables us to keep the lights and heating on too – the families we support, staff and volunteers all need somewhere to meet.

The appeal also aims to help to unite baby banks across the UK – increasing awareness and understanding of the vital work they do, and the benefits this brin gs to families.

Families get involved

Several of the families that Little Village has supported have already been involved in the campaign, talking about their experience of living on low incomes and how they came to find themselves at Little Village. Little Village volunteers and staff have also been featured in the campaign.

High profile support

The Princess of Wales, known for her work in the early years, has endorsed the campaign, saying that baby banks were “doing an incredible job” to help parents and carers struggling to make ends meet.

Other high-profile figures who have backed the campaign include Leona Lewis, Ladbaby mum, Roxanne Hoyle, and Arlene Phillips.

Read the articles

You can read some of the articles from the Baby, Bank on Us campaign below.

Bank on Us – Fabulous called on YOU to join our Baby, Bank on Us campaign to help young families during the cost-of-living crisis – read the article here

HARD TIMES – I went without food for a week so my son could eat – the baby bank has been a beacon of hope – read the article here

Strictly Essential – ‘As a child I didn’t have a lot, baby bank would have been amazing,’ Dame Arlene Phillips on her poverty-stricken roots – read the article here.

There are lots of other articles on The Sun’s website here.

There are expected to be lots more articles and content about Baby, Bank on Us in the coming months. Updates will be shared via The Sun, as well as Little Village social media and website.


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