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20 June 2019

Cycling one million metres for Little Village!

Fitness fanatic Anthony Powell is set to take on the fitness challenge of a lifetime when he cycles one million metres in a bid to raise £10,000 for us on the 23rd July. We’ve seen some pretty amazing challenges but this one really pushes the boat out! Please sponsor him here.

Anthony, who works as a personal trainer at the Nuffield Health gym in Hemel Hemstead, wanted to set himself a fitness challenge, whilst raising money for charity. His daughter, Sophia, suggested he raise money for Little Village, a charity where her mum, Angela, volunteers.

Anthony will be using a fixed ‘Wattbike’ in the gym and anticipates that he will be cycling for 36 hours. He will cycle all day and night and will only stop to go to the toilet and grab refreshments. The distance is equivalent to cycling from London to the top of Scotland and he estimates he will burn 20,000 calories – roughly the same as running eight marathons. He believes he may be the first person to attempt such a distance on a Wattbike.

Anthony said:

“I like to set myself tough physical challenges but I’m also keen to raise money for a good cause. My daughter, Sophia, is passionate about Little Village as her mum volunteers there and she’s seen the difference they make to families struggling to make ends meet, so she suggested I raise money for them.

“I’ve set the fundraising target at £10,000, which is high, but with the support of my fellow gym-goers and the local community, I’m confident we can reach the target. It works out at 1p per metre so if you’d like to sponsor me, I’ll be extremely grateful, whatever the amount.

“My wonderful wife and colleagues from Nuffield Health will be with me throughout the night to give me lots of encouragement, so that will definitely help to keep me going. There are big TV screens in front of the bikes so I’ll be watching movies to distract me and keep me awake!

“It would be wonderful to know that this challenge will help Little Village to support families who are struggling to provide the essential items they need to help their children to thrive.”

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