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17 October 2018

Eradicating poverty, one step at a time

Today it’s the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and to mark that we want to pay tribute to the amazing network of volunteers and donors who power our work here at Little Village.

Talking about ‘the eradication of poverty’ can feel big, abstract and impossible to tackle. But every time you take care to sort and organise your donations of lovely kit, you are helping us to tackle the significant material poverty that our service has uncovered.

Every time you decide to volunteer here you show us the power of taking a simple step towards addressing an issue that you care about. What you do here, the kindness and solidarity you show, touches the lives of every family who walks through our doors.

We hope that at Little Village we are creating simple, practical opportunities for anyone who believes that child poverty should not exist in this wealthy city in the 21st century to take action.

So if like us you believe that no child in the capital should be without access to the basic essentials that they need to thrive, come and help us build our village. You can sign up here. After all, big changes start with small steps ❤️

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