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26 May 2022

Little Village response on Government support for cost of living crisis

Little Village today responded to the Government’s announcement about the support they are offering in response to the cost of living crisis.

Sophie Livingstone, CEO of Little Village said:

“We welcome the support offered by the Government today in the midst of the cost of living crisis.

“However, the families we support at Little Village need so much more support than just a one-off payment and an uplift to benefits. Urgent systemic change is needed to address the extortionate childcare costs, low paid wages and over-priced housing.

“We see families whose babies are sleeping on the floor because they can’t afford cots; families placing babies on towels so they can save on nappies; and others trapped at home with their babies because they can’t afford a buggy. The Chancellor talked about not burdening future generations, but unless the Government tackles child poverty head on, they are doing just that.”

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