12 February 2021

The Duchess of Cambridge marks the 5th Anniversary of Little Village

We are thrilled that The Duchess of Cambridge has helped mark our 5th Anniversary, by taking part in a Zoom call with two of the wonderful mums’ Little Village has supported, Yelda Rashid and Vicky Jones, alongside our Founder Sophia Parker.

Yelda, whose daughter has Rhett Syndrome, shared stories with The Duchess about the challenges she has faced during lockdown.

Vicky told the Duchess about the support she had received from Little Village over the last three and a half years. Isla, Vicky’s daughter aged 3, made a special appearance during the call, telling The Duchess “I’m a Princess today!”

Watch a short video of the Zoom call here.

Watch an extended version of the Zoom call with The Duchess, Vicky and Isla here.