Other Ways to Find Baby Equipment  

There are other baby banks around London. Some of these organisations may not be open at the moment due to the impact of coronavirus but may be able to connect you to other resources in your local area that are still working.  

You can also find baby banks further afield around the country using this interactive map.

There are also lots of Facebook groups and websites across London that connect people who need things with people who have things to pass on.  We recommend that you take care when sourcing items during this period of social distancing but they can be a great source of baby kit.



https://www.freecycle.org/search – free items, can enter your borough or postcode to find things people are giving away nearest to you



https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/london/search/?query=free%20baby%20items%20near%20me Facebook marketplace for free baby items near you


There are also lots of Facebook local selling groups across London – search “buying and selling” with your local area in Facebook. 


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