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About us

Little Village is like a food bank, but for clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children up to the age of 5. We accept donations of excellent-condition, pre-loved items, which are passed on to families who need support. The items are a gift, given with love, from one family to another.

We provide a warm, supportive community for the families we see, building connections, local networks and facilitating support between parents.

We are based in London, with hubs in Camden, Wandsworth, Southwark and Brent. We have also been gifted a warehouse in Watford for a year to support our operations.

Since we launched in 2016, we’ve supported over 17,000 children across London.

Our values of love, solidarity, thriving and sustainability underpin everything we do.

You can read our 2021 Impact Report here.


of baby banks say 2022 will be their busiest year yet

Source: Little Village survey of 90 baby banks, 2022


of baby banks say that children they support are not wearing adequate clothing or shoes, such as having no winter coat, or shoes too small

Source: Little Village survey of 90 baby banks, 2022


of baby banks say that children they support don't have a safe place to sleep, for example babies sleeping on towels, sofa cushions, co-sleeping with parents and siblings

Source: Little Village survey of 90 baby banks, 2022


of baby banks say that families they support are lacking basic hygiene products like soap, bubble bath, toothpaste

Source: Little Village survey of 90 baby banks, 2022

Our vision

Our vision is of thriving communities where families share their pre-loved kit and every child under five has the start in life they deserve.

Our mission:

We have three;

  • To ensure families on low incomes with children under five have the support and essentials they need
  • To work together with parents to fix the systems that trap families in poverty
  • To inspire families to both choose and share pre-loved children’s clothes and kit

The story of Little Village

What we do

We collect great-quality donations of clothes, toys and kit for babies and children up to the age of 5, and gift them to local families who are dealing with challenging circumstances like homelessness, unemployment, low wages and domestic violence. With the support of our local communities, we aim to keep children warm and entertained, and also to provide a safe place for them to sleep.

Families are referred to us via a network of nearly 2,000 professionals from more than 500 organisations, such as midwives, social workers and children’s centres.

Since lockdown, we have been working in a different way, but we are still very much here for families who urgently need our help.

When a family is referred to us, we phone them to find out what they need, and periodically check in with them. We are also beginning to invite families back on site to some of our hubs to choose the items they need, like we did pre-pandemic.

Who we are

Little Village is a registered charity that operates across London.

Our dedicated staff are supported by a network of over 600 incredible volunteers. Our volunteers are at the heart of everything we do, and without them we simply wouldn’t exist. They’re an amazing group of people who help us do everything from sorting donations, to delivering bundles to families, to phoning parents to check in on them.

Learn more about volunteering with Little Village.