Donating your items

Thanks for your interest in donating to Little Village. We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors since we launched at the start of 2016. In 2017, we gave out well over £550,000 of beautiful kit, all donated by you. So thank you!

Little Village is a gift from one family to another: our bundles are gifts, not hand-outs, so please use our simple rule of thumb: if you’d give the item to a friend, then we’ll take it.

If you can wash and sort clothes into age categories, and bring instruction manuals, or print them out from the internet, you will almost certainly get a huge hug from our volunteers, whose time you’ve just saved!

We are lucky now to have our own space. Although we are highly skilled at cramming a lot in, our HQ isn’t a tardis, so we need to ensure we are using our space to house the items most needed by other local families.

So before you donate, please take the following 3 steps. The links in the blue menu box on this page will help you do that:

  • Check whether we need it
  • Check your donations meet our quality and safety standards
  • Check when you can drop off your donations