From one bump to another

So far this year, Little Village has re-gifted 409 buggies and prams. That means there are 409 families out there who are now able to get out and about with their babies, thanks to the generosity of people’s donations.

This week we were lucky enough to capture the journey of a pram as it was donated to us and then immediately gifted to a new family.

Enter Kate, a north London mum whose two children, Vayla, 5, and Tate, 3, have finally outgrown their beloved Bugaboo Cameleon pram.

Kate, pictured this week outside Little Village.

Kate very kindly donated the pram, which was in pristine condition and came with all the extras including a rain cover, parasol and foot muff, to our Camden branch, along with bags of other much-needed donations, including a sling.

The donated pram, complete with teddy for the new arrival.

She said: “It feels like your pram is glued to you in those early days, it’s a big part of your life. Your babies have slept in it, seen the world from it, all the memories that go with it are so special.

Vayla and Tate with their Bugaboo pram

“I feel sentimental about saying goodbye to our pram, but it’s nice to have the freedom to leave the house without it!

“When you donate to a charity shop you’re never quite sure what happens, so I’m really pleased to know that it will go directly to another family. It’s good to know that it will become part of someone else’s story.”

Within an hour of Kate donating the pram, Aisha (not her real name) came into Little Village for help in providing items for her baby girl, who is due in August. Aisha is a single parent with little family support and is struggling to make ends meet. Along with a moses basket, toys, and clothing for the baby, Aisha also received Kate’s pram. Whilst Aisha doesn’t speak English as a first language, she did say: “I’m very happy with the pram!”

Kate at roughly the same stage of pregnancy as Aisha, seen here with her new pram


We know how hard it can be to say goodbye to precious baby items, even something small like a hat or pair of socks can hold great sentimental value, so we are always incredibly grateful to receive donations of the items on our wish lists each month. Check out Camden’s here, Wandsworth’s here, and Southwark’s here.

And for now, best of luck to Aisha from all of us at Little Village. We know you’re going to be an amazing mum.




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