Mother’s Day 2020 – Help us give a special treat to the amazing mums we support

So many of the mums we see don’t see themselves as the priority, their money is spent paying for essentials like bills, food and items for the children. Since we opened our doors in 2016, we’ve always tried to include a gift for mums in our bundles along with the clothes, toys and equipment we re-gift for babies and small children – something that’s just for them. Help us to keep doing this by supporting our #MothersDay campaignwe’d be so happy if we could gather enough donations to be able to provide a gift for each mum we see for the rest of 2020. The most popular items are things like nice shower gels, nail varnishes, and hand and body lotions. Please drop donations into our sites, post or buy via our Amazon wish lists, which can be reached here: 

Camden wish list

Wandsworth wish list

Southwark wish list

Thanks so much for your support.

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