Sunday Mirror features Little Village

The Sunday Mirror wrote a features piece about our work at Little Village, as it emerged that 35,000 families have used a baby bank for essential items for their kids this year alone.

It features Bianca, a working mum who we have supported, who tells the paper “I’m a full-time employee working my backside off as well as a mother. I feel embarrassed to have to seek support like this.”

But Bianca’s not alone. 1 in 5 of the families we see are in work. Like many others, Bianca is trapped between low wages, high housing and childcare costs, and benefits support that has had a series of cuts over the last five years.

We hope that this feature piece – and the Dispatches programme it trails – will help to raise the profile of our work, as well as the reasons we’re needed in the first place. As our Chief Executive Sophia says, the rise in child poverty is a ‘hidden crisis’.  We want to raise awareness about the need to do more as a society to ensure children’s lives aren’t blighted by poverty.

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