9 January 2023

Voices from the Village: One family's story

This little boy’s family came to one of our baby banks before Christmas. The family are asylum seekers from Sri Lanka and are living in a temporary one-room bedsit. All four family members sleep on two single beds pushed together. The family’s third child is due imminently. The little boy’s dad, who wished to remain anonymous said:

“Life was really comfortable, but things changed for us so quickly. Life can change at any time. Now I don’t have anything, apart from my family. This bit of support from Little Village means I can at least give some toys to the kids. We got some vouchers for Christmas too which really helped.

“The people at Little Village were really friendly and supportive. We weren’t sure how we were going to be able to afford things like nappies, moses basket, clothes. It was a relief to get things for our little boy and the unborn baby. We got everything we needed.

“It’s really helped us, all the things, but also it’s helped us mentally, it’s helped us to stay strong and give us a bit of hope.”