Preparing Your Donations

We want to make sure that every item we give to another family feels like a gift. 

Here’s our simple guide to what makes a great donation. By helping us in this way, you’re ensuring we can use our time and resources in the best possible way, to reach as many families as we can.

For our safety standards please see here.

To see details of donations we can accept currently please see here.

  • Clothes

    • All clothes sorted for good quality (no rips, stains, fading etc) and organised into gender and age, with a note to tell us what size they are.
    • Socks (paired), tights & underwear sorted into age and gender. If you really want to go the extra mile you can bag them into sets of 5
    • Shoes to be paired and checked for quality. Please no stains, holes heavy scuffing or too worn-down soles.
  • Bedding and beds

    • Check travel cots for any rips or stains. Please measure the mattress adding a note to the travel cot to indicate mattress size required.
    • All sheets should be stain & bobble free, tied together in groups of 2-3 with an elastic band or string and please add a note with the sheet size i.e. cot, moses, cotbed etc to each bundle.
    • Cots, cot beds, toddler beds in good condition with all screws and bolts attached to the frame in a bag and an instruction manual included (if you haven’t got the original, please try and find it online, or write your own version to help the next family build it safely). We can’t take mattresses, so please remove these, even from moses baskets.Do include your moses basket liners, bedding and sheets though.
    • Watch this short video on how to donate a cot.  
  • Buggies

    • Please make sure prams and buggies are clean (remove any items from basket) and have all attachments, new born accessories, bassinet etc together and ready to use.
    • It costs us around £15 to clean a buggy that is donated to us, so if you can give it a good clean, or have it cleaned before it comes to us, it means it can go to a family quickly and ensure our funds are spent directly on the families we support.
    • Watch this short video on how to donate a buggy.
  • Toys, games and books

    • Puzzles and games to be complete and in good condition. Please tape the box shut, putting a note on the box to indicate it is complete. If it is a wooden puzzle please tape all pieces to the base board.
    • Toys to be in good working order with no missing pieces. All sets or loose pieces please attach/keep together in a bag.
    • Craft items. A few items grouped together into a bag, e.g. colouring pencils and colouring books / paints, paper and a bib and the suggested age noted.
    • Books with no rips, stains or teared pages.
  • Feeding and misc equipment

    • Stairgates to have all bolts and screws in a bag attached to the frame.
    • Breast pumps to be manual or electric closed system with all parts included and where possible an original manual.
    • Bottles to all have lids, used teats removed and ensure bottles are not heavily stained.
    • Weaning items of 1 bowl, plate, cup & cutlery to be bundled together.
    • Muslins 3-4 bundled together with string/an elastic band.

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