Our impact

In 2017, we supported 948 families across Wandsworth and Camden in 2017, fulfilling a total of 1,251 referrals. 50% of these families are from the bottom quintile, based on the Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index. Nearly 40% of the families we’ve supported are homeless or in temporary accommodation. 1 in 5 have no access to public funds. Nearly half are single parents. 1 in 8 are asylum seekers or refugees.

In 2017 we passed on over £640,000 worth of beautiful quality donations – our mantra is that our bundles are gifts, not handouts – and our work has made CO2 savings equivalent to taking 124 cars off the road. That includes 344 cots, 278 buggies, 430 Christmas presents, and over 26,000 nappies.

Read our 2017 annual report here.
Look at our 2017 accounts here.

  • Our mission is to support as many families as we can, with dignity and love. In our first two years, we have responded to over 2300 requests for help, gifting nearly £900,000 of beautiful donations on to the families who need them most.

  • 100% of our referral partners say they’d recommend us to their colleagues. Over half of our referral partners make at least one referral to us every month.

  • 98% of our referral partners say we provide items they can’t otherwise offer to families. 7 in 10 say we help them to build relationships with their clients, a similar number tell us we help to support good maternal mental health. 82% tell us that we support positive child development through the provision of age appropriate toys and books, and 56% say that we have helped to reduce loneliness and isolation.

  • We have an incredible network of over 200 volunteers across our three sites, ranging in age from 16 to over 75. Together they give an average of over 430 hours every month to Little Village. 8 out of 10 volunteers tell us we’ve made an active and positive impact on their mental health.

“I’m so glad I decided to get more involved. It’s such a brilliant organisation with such positivity”

Regular volunteer

“I love helping other families at Little Village, so many of the women I have met are in the same position I was in 8 years ago. It makes me really happy to be able to help them, not just with what I do with little village but just having a chat with them and finding out about their lives.”

Regular volunteer

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