Our impact

In 2019, we had over 3,000 visits by families from across London. Over 400 referral partner organisations such as midwifery teams, children’s centres and other local charities referred families to us.  35% of the families we meet don’t have a safe place for their child to sleep and 1 in 4 families we help are homeless or in temporary accommodation.

In 2019, we passed on nearly £1.5 million worth of quality donations (as new value) – our mantra is that our bundles are gift, not handouts.  That included 907 cots and 839 buggies.

Read our 2018 annual report here.

  • Our mission is to support as many families as we can, with dignity and love. In our first four years, we have supported over 6,500 visits from families across London.

  • 87% of our referral partners say we provide items they couldn’t source for families from elsewhere.   94% tell us we help provide essential items for child safety and wellbeing to the families we support. Nearly 70% say we aid child development through the provision of books and toys.

  • We have an incredible network of over 300 volunteers across our three sites, ranging in age from 16 to over 75.  In 2019 they volunteered over 13,000 hours. Nearly 95% of our volunteers feel that they are making a positive contribution to their community by volunteering with Little Village.

“I’m so glad I decided to get more involved. It’s such a brilliant organisation with such positivity”

Regular volunteer

“I love helping other families at Little Village, so many of the women I have met are in the same position I was in 8 years ago. It makes me really happy to be able to help them, not just with what I do with little village but just having a chat with them and finding out about their lives.”

Regular volunteer

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