So you’d like to donate some precious baby and children’s kit to us – thank you! You can donate by bringing items to your nearest branch of Little Village.

  • Wandsworth's opening times and wishlist

    Little Village Wandsworth is open for donations on the first Tuesday evening of the month (7.45-9.45pm) and every Tuesday morning during termtime between 9.30am and 11.30am.

    Address: St Mark’s Church Hall, 53 Rowfant Rd, London SW17 7AP

  • Camden's opening times and wishlist

    Little Village Camden is open for donations every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during termtime between 9.30am and 12 noon.

    Address: Somers Town Community Association, 150 Ossulston Street, NW1 1EE

  • Southwark's opening times and wishlist

    Little Village Southwark is open for donations every Tuesday during termtime between 9.30am and 12 noon. We will also have occasional Saturday donation session, please join our Facebook group here to keep up to date with the latest.

    Address: Priory Court Former Tenants Hall, Cheltenham Road, Nunhead, SE15 3BG


How to Donate

Step 1. Check the wishlist - Do we need it?

In every site, space is at a premium so we run a monthly ‘wishlist’ highlighting the priority items we need. Some months, when people have been particularly generous, we may not be able to accept the items you have. If you can, hold on to them because we’ll probably need them soon!

Step 2. Is it safe?

Safety is our number one concern. Please only bring us items in full working order, ideally complete with an instruction manual if needed. Check out our safety standards here. To donate a cot, please watch this short film, and here’s one if you want to donate a buggy.

Step 3. Is it great quality?

Ask yourself, would my friend be delighted to be gifted these items? Please only bring us items that fit that bill. That means clean, unstained clothes; toys with all parts and in full working order; and equipment with all the screws and an instruction manual.

Step 4. Bring it to one of our drop in sessions

We are largely run by volunteers so can’t offer a collection service, but if you’re struggling to reach us, you can ask for help from our volunteer community on the local facebook groups for Wandsworth, Camden and Southwark. Other people have clubbed together so that one person brings donations from a group of friends. If you have a high demand item we can usually arrange for you to drop off at other times.

Step 5. Enjoy a big thank you!

And if you’d like a hug of gratitude from one of our volunteers, please sort your items into age categories, bring instruction manuals, and bag up toys into packs. You’ll make our day – and you’ll be saving us precious volunteer time and helping us to reach even more families.

Step 6. What happens to your donation?

Our aim is to get donated kit back out to families as soon as we possibly can.  We check everything for safety and suitability, and then make it available for families to select for themselves at one of our drop in sessions.

Occasionally an item donated might not be suitable to give out to the families we support.

That could be because:

  • It’s too large. Many families live in limited spaces and need compact furniture and equipment.
  • It hasn’t got the right safety harnesses / fittings to comply with current legislation.
  • It will cost us too much to get it ready for a new family ie if it needs a repair or a new part that we can’t source cheaply.

And occasionally we just get donated too many of some items, more than we are able to find homes for. This is mostly the case with clothes aged 6mths to 2years and sleeping bags.

In these limited circumstances, we may sell donated items. Any money raised from the sale of items will go straight back into our running costs, helping us to support more families.

Did you know...

That in 2019, we answered over 3,000 requests for support from families. All thanks to our wonderful donors who decided to gift their kit to Little Village.

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